Episode 112

112: For Better Podcast Interviews Apply These Question-Asking Hacks


You know - it really seems that for the average podcaster, interviews are the format of choice.

It IS relatively simple to get somebody to agree to come on your show and just ask them questions. But that's not really how interviews work, is it? At least not the really GOOD ones.

They're actually very difficult to pull off, especially in a way that makes them engaging for your listeners. And that really is the goal that we're shooting for. So in this episode of Podcastificatsion, I want to tell you some of the things I’ve learned about doing great interviews, making your guest more comfortable, and I want to share some powerfully helpful resources I’ve found that are helping me get better with each interview I do. Stick around. This one is good.

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  • [1:19] Why interviews are the mainstay of podcasting formats - and why they are hard to pull off well
  • [2:36] Be truly interested in your guest: Here are 2 things to help you pull it off
  • [4:40] Do whatever it takes to have fun with your guest
  • [6:45] Ask questions in a way that makes the answer actionable
  • [8:36] Let the silence do the work (from Cal Fussman)
  • [14:25] Walk your guest through your format so they know what to expect
  • [17:35] No “gotcha” positions
  • [19:14] Consider your guest’s time constraints so you can plan accordingly (and they will be more comfortable)
  • [20:10] Find out what your guest’s “win” for the interview is
  • [22:32] Ask your guest questions in ways that evoke emotion or stories

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