Episode 113

113: Want A Podcast Sponsorship? Here’s How You Might Get One


You hear the term “monetization” all the time in reference to podcasting - and the translation is usually “get a podcast sponsorship.”

That’s a great option for shows that get thousands of downloads, right? But what about the little guys? What about those of us who have a very passionate but smaller audience? Is there a possibility that we could find an ideal sponsor for OUR show?

Trevr Smithlin from Advertisecast says “Yes, it’s possible” and on this episode of Podcastification he’s going to explain exactly how it’s possible.

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  • [1:25] Podcast monetization doesn’t work like most people think
  • [2:33] How Trevr got the idea that he could create a company to help podcasters
  • [4:46] Why advertising fits for almost everyone who podcasts
  • [6:46] How can a niche based podcast even hope to get a podcast sponsorship?
  • [8:50] The honest truth about how many downloads you need to land a sponsor
  • [12:03] Super niche shows can demand higher sponsorship fees
  • [17:19] How advertisers can use the do-it-yourself marketplace
  • [19:34] Many sponsors provide samples or trials for podcasters before they endorse
  • [20:42] How to get your podcast listed for advertisers to consider sponsoring you
  • [23:10] Calculating possible revenue at a $25 CPM on the first 30 days
  • [29:06] If you are curious about Advertisecast, try it out - and you can be picky!

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