Episode 128

128 : The Future of Podcasting - And What Indie Podcasters Should Do About It 

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I have no crystal ball - but I work with enough podcasters week in and week out to know something about the future of podcasting. I’m a smart enough guy to see the writing on the wall, so to speak - and I want you to be in the know about what I see coming.

This episode of Podcastification is a quick explanation of the near horizon of podcasting. I’m going to take back a bit to understand how podcasting has changed, then look at what’s happening around us right now (it has to do with big dollars entering the podcast-o-sphere) - and why that matters for us as Indie podcasters. 

I wrap up giving you TWO big things to think about and take action around in order to ensure that the future of podcasting has a place for you.

What you’ll hear on this episode

  • [1:20] Why I am qualified to talk about the future of podcasting
  • [2:04] A brief summary of the history of podcasting (and why it matters)
  • [4:26] Big dollar organizations make the competition we face much harder
  • [11:02] Why there will always be a market for niche podcasts
  • [12:30] Why fans matter more than subscribers and growth of downloads
  • [14:34] STEP ONE: What does your audience consider valuable?
  • [19:23] STEP TWO: Reconsider your METHOD of podcast production
  • [20:50] The practical ways you can find out what your audience thinks is valuable
  • [21:20] Practical ways you can amp up your podcast production and format

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